Mark your calendars! It's another 3rd Sunday of our curated coffee ride.You know the drill: lean forward to this page in the coming days and follow our Strava club if you haven't already. Ride details will be posted soon. #WRCCC5.

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#WRCCC4 heat!

#WRCCC4 brought the heat to @karrera.showroom!

We're glad to have escaped the bustling streets of the CBD to enjoy the long stretches of road heading south and back, with fewer stoplights to deal with. The laid-back atmosphere, delicious food, and, of course, caffeine provided us with enough fuel for a speedy ride back to BGC.

Thank vou to evervone who joined us! See vou at the next ride! Feel free to tag us in your posts, and don't forget to visit our website for merch and ride updates.

#WRCCC3 was challenging and fun!

Multi-stop ride in crazy Manila and riding along with Post Carry founder, Marc. Looking forward to the next one!

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Ride #Two was a blast!

La Luna Cafe is a hidden paradise nestled in bustling Taguig City. We opted for the C6 route, a less-traveled path that added an exciting angle to the ride. With this larger group, we anticipate an even greater turnout on our next adventure, as we explore the city in search of a unique coffee experience.

Ride #ONE was a success!

Follow us on Strava for the next one. See you on the 3rd Sunday of Februrary.

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